Community Benefit: 

Provides preventative measures (footwear) for reducing jiggers related foot problems.

Treats foot problems caused by jiggers to aid in healing from infections.

Jiggers (sand fleas) are a major problem in the villages of 
Kenya and Uganda because very few people can afford shoes. 
The jiggers get onto their feet as they walk around, 
then lay eggs in their feet. 

This results in painful sores and infections. 
Early on, we tried to help by bringing in as many shoes 
as we could carry in our suitcases, but there were still 
many who were left without shoes. Then, in 2013, we raised 
enough money to buy shoes for every kid at Hope Academy, 
Nebki Village. We also took a nurse with us, who doctored 
infected feet with a solution to kill the jiggers. 
This treatment and thefootwear provided went a long 
ways towards minimizing foot problems related to jiggers.
Since then, our partner NGO, Step30, from Taiwan 
has taken this project to a whole new level. 
In the spring of 2014 they asked the people 
of Taiwan for shoes to send to Kenya. 
The response was overwhelming, and within 3 weeks 
they had filled a shipping crate full of thousands 
of pairs of new and used shoes. 

The first container arrived in the fall of 
2014 Since then, they have sent 15 sea can containers 
full of shoes to Kenya. These shoes, donated by the people of Taiwan, 
have been an incredible blessing to the forgotten peoples of Kenya. 

















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