Care for Life Foundation was set up in September 2011 in Vancouver, BC. It is registered as a non-profit organization in British Columbia, Canada.

Our ultimate goal is to support the holistic development, life transformation and welfare of under-privileged individuals, families, and communities who are without government aid or charity care.


The Foundation was established by a group of eight that cares about disadvantaged ones. Our founding members include Esther Ho, Frankie Fung, Wallace Chan, Tina Tsai, Dabby Wong, Anita Poon, Mandy He and Raymond Wong, who all hope that the Foundation may respond to the needs of the under-privileged groups and individuals.



We have identified the following strategies that would guide our direction and work:

  •  to serve people who are in need regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, culture, religion and geographical locations;
  •  to cooperate and work together with other organizations and groups, which share our vision in different projects;
  •  to deliver funds to other “qualified donees” which share similar objectives.


Care for Life Foundation’s first project is to support the desperate needs of migrant children in Kunming, China, so that they may create their bright future.


 Founding Members :       

Esther Ho

Founder and Executive Director, The Integration Youth Services Society

Founder and Producer, Mustard Seed Theatre

Founding Director and Permanent Advisor,VancouverSowers Society of Education

Commentator, Fairchild Radio, Vancouver

Director, D.A.R.E. BC Society

Director,YunnanHeart to Heart Community Care


President & CEO, Care for Life Foundation


Wallace Chan

News Commentator, Fairchild Radio

Vice President & Communications Director, Care for Life Foundation


Frankie Fung

Former Director, Richmond Air Cadet 655 Squadron Sponsoring Committee

Vice President & Project Director, Care for Life Foundation


Tina Tsai

Director, The Integration Youth Services Society

Marketing Director, Care for Life Foundation


Dabby Wong

President,VancouverSowers Society of Education

Finance Director, Care for Life Foundation