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The majority of children living in the villages Kenya and Uganda do not have shoes and some are short of food. To make their situation worse, jiggers (sand fleas) has become a major challenge: the jiggers get onto people’s feet as they walk around, then lay eggs in their feet. As a result, many of them suffer from painful sores and infections.

CFLF is now cooperating with Step30 from Taiwan and collect shoes for the shoeless individuals so that they can live a life free from the threat of jiggers. Please donate any used or new pairs of shoes to these needy people so that they may WALK TO A BETTER FUTURE.


"舊鞋救命"活動 Used Shoe Rescue Project

Collection locations, dates and hours

Barroco Fine Furniture Ltd. (巴洛克傢俱店列治文站)

2000-2551 No.6 road, Richmond 

1st August to 9th September, 2016 (Tuesdays & Saturdays 3-5 PM)


TAIWANFest 2016 (臺灣文化節會

Home – TaiwanFest

Toronto. Harbourfront Centre Aug. 26th / 27th / 28th – Location – Harbourfront Centre 235 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2G8. Free Admission


West Hastings Street to Smithe Street along Granville Street (Vancouver downtown)

3rd & 4th September, 2016 Noon-7PM (Sat and Sunday)

5th September, 2016 Noon-6PM (Monday)


Allcity Importers Ltd. 全盛行總倉庫

1290 Odlum Drive, Vancouver

9th to 11th September, 2016 9 AM to 5 PM (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)


CFLF’s other info is available at our website as well as Facebook!/pages/Care-For-Life-Foundation-CFLF/121670897941573

There are lots of important social causes out there and lots of people who need our help. Our work can never succeed without you.

Best Regards,
Care for Life Foundation

Esther Ho, Founder of Care For Life Foundation,and <Esther Ho Charity 10th Anniversary> Committee represent Care For Life Foundation presented the cheque NT$1,000,000 to representative of Step30 at their headquarter in Taiwan.

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Today (March 29th) we would like to give our appreciation to everyone that joined our community event.

Without your support, we would not be able to lend a helping hand to so many others in need, and we would like you to continue to participate in our future events. Please be sure to take up the opportunity to connect with your community!

Sign up: Please reply to this post or contact Mouser Chiang for details.

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Care For Life !!! I Support


We would like to invite everyone to support our local community, to share our love with the homeless, and to let them feel connected.

Care For Life- I support!

The event details are:

Date & Time: March 29th (Sunday)  3:30 pm

Location: 245 Keefer street,Vancouver

Please prepare the following materials for donation:


Please sign up in this post to participate! Thank you very much for your loving care!


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On this coming 21st December, CFLF is going to hold a Magic Show with the theme of “Love and Hope: to make the impossible POSSIBLE”. Two outstanding magicians from M4 Entertainment are going to bring upon us an unforgettable and entertaining evening to celebrate the Christmas festival. More importantly, the proceeds will be used to support the said project in Kunming. Attached are the details of the Event



Hello friends,
As a Board member of various non-profit organization, I recognize theimportance of a positive relationship among various organizations andpartnerships to improve the quality of life through a wide range ofbeneficial community programs. I would like to cordially invite you to attend charity dinner on Friday, May 31th ,2013.
I would like to invite you and your organization to bring along as many members and guests to attend the charity dinner.
This year, I chose four organizations as participants, which is Care For Life Foundation, The Integration Youth Services Society, Canadian Integrated Education Society, 178thIYSS Scouts Group (Scouts Canada).
All funds raised that night, MUST go to each participant organization!!!!
The cost for the event is $68 each or $680 a table of ten. For VIP is $100 each, which includes a multi-course Chinese dinner, as well as raffle draws and entertainment. The dinner will be held at the Continental Seafood Restaurant (#150-11700 Cambie Road in Richmond) with reception at 6:30 pm and dinner starting at 7:00 pm. To reserve your tickets, please contact me at 604.805.8833 or by email I am anticipating 400 guests, so please call me ASAP to take part in this important event.

Esther Ho

President, Care For Life Foundation Founder and Executive Director,

The Integration Youth Services Society Founder and Producer,

Mustard Seed Children Theatre Founding Director and Permanent Advisor,

Vancouver Sowers Society of Education Director,

D.A.R.E. BC Society Director,

Canadian Integrated Education Society Group Commissioner,

178th IYSS Scouts Group, Scouts Canada
3105-8888 Odlin Crescent, Richmond, BC, V6X 3Z8

604.805.8833/ 604.227.0466

Charity Dinner Poster


The Care for Life Foundation has started their fundraising campaign, hoping to raise $64,000 to buy a small bus. This fundraiser is to help support the many youths who’ve recently moved toKunming(the capital ofYunnan,China)

Esther Ho, from the Care for Life Foundation points out, that withinChina’s many cities, big or small, there are in total 20 million kids who, along with their parents, migrate to the cities to work. They have become a part of the migrating crowd and lives in what is called “city villages”. Although they live in cities, they still live with poor living conditions, lack of parents’ support and unfamiliarity to the school and place. This results in kids dropping of school and without the care they need, forced to face many dangers and difficulties. For example drowning or being kidnapped.

When Esther was at theKunminghouse inYunnan, she had contact with a non-profit organization approved by the city officials – the Heart to Heart Community Care. Esther was also introduced to the ways this group helps the “city village” children. These are ways such as playing movies, distributing books and providing safety education about abduction. The only problem is the lack of a convenient means of transportation.

Esther along with the Care for Life Foundation, having the same purpose, came together to brainstorm for a way to help the Heart to Heart Community Care and their job.

The current estimation of $64,000 to buy a car will improve the efficiency of their services. Esther also points out that many cities inChinaare going through rapid development therefore demolishing many “city villages”. As these targets dissipate further and further away, it adds to the difficulty for providing services.

The Ford 2008 Van (selected goal) is $32,500 along with 24 months of warranty, gas, and repair of $17,200 with some additional modification fees, is estimated to enable workers to engage with 150,000 of the migrating population.

The foundation has called on immigrants ofHong Kongto donate part of the 6000HK given by the government. They will then use this money to help communities in need.


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The Care for Life Foundation held a press conference on the 13th where the 5 founders of this organization announced the official establishment of this foundation. At the same time, they introduced their first project: to fundraise for a vehicle that will be able to provide children, newly migrated toKunming, with recreation activities, medical care, extracurricular education etc… The goal is to raise $64,000.

The 5 founders of the organization includes director and Chairman (Esther Ho), vice-chairman and secretary (Wallace Chan), vice-chairman and project coordinator (Frankie Fung), director (Tina Tsai) and treasurer (Debby Wong)

Esther declared that in the summer of 2010 and 2011, she, along with (Debby Wong) and a few friends, headed toKunmingto visit a few impoverished families. This visit inspired her to establish this foundation in hopes that these problems being faced could gain some more outside attention.

Esther states thatKunmingattracted a large migrating population to live there. There are 337 city villages, with an immigrating population of over 1.2 million. “Since the year 2008, theKunminggovernment started, on a large scale, renovating the city villages. In doing so, it transformedKunminginto a big work site and a death trap for migrant children”. Due to this action, other than having serious drop-out rates, there are many dangerous occurrences such as drowning, scalding, car accidents, fire accidents, child labour, abduction etc…

The Care for Life Foundation will be working with the Heart to Heart Community Care, established by many university professors fromYunnanandHong Kong, to provide these migrant children with services and care. Debby Wong reveals that “in the past, these professors have been using bicycles as means of transportation. This method is laborious with little results. However, if it is possible to attain a small bus that can contain up to 17 people, the statistics of providing service for 30,000 people per month will rise to be serving 150,000 people per month.

On the press conference on the 3rd, the 5 founders will initiate the first donation of $750, and the foundation will hold the fundraising dinner on December 4th.

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InVancouver, a group of enthusiastic volunteers who help support the poor inChinaannounced their newly established foundation on Thursday. This foundation is called the Care for Life Foundation. In hopes to buy a small 17 seated bus inYunnan, the foundation wishes to raise $64,000 this year. This bus will be used for providing and improving the services for impoverished children inYunnan. The Chief executive officer of the International Youth Services Society (IYSS) also the mother of this foundation, Esther Ho, along with 4 other members held a press conference to announce the launching of this foundation. The 4 other members include (blank blank and blank). Esther points out that inChina, with their rapid growth in economy, forced many kids to move to remote areas outside the city with their family. These children, with little to no exposure to the outside world, have a lack of knowledge for personal safety, personal hygiene, and needless to say, recreational activities. As a caring volunteer she also states that the purpose of establishing this foundation is to help the migrants in the city villages ofChina’s more remote areas. They hope thatCanada’s organizations can provide some support to help make positive changes in these impoverished places.

Esther points out that because of the lack of education, these children are prone to accidents without the ability to realize and recognize dangerous situations. She hopes that by providing a small bus, volunteers and social workers can improve the efficiency and provide better services for more families. Director (Wallace Chan) expresses that other than planning the fundraising dinner on December 3rd, he suggests theHong Kong immigrants, eligible for the government’s “6,000HK plan”, to donate part of it in support of this foundation.

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Re:      Care for Life Foundation –

            Charity Dinner, December 1, 2011, Thursday, Richmond, BC

In the summer of 2010 and 2011, we visited Kunming in China, where we witnessed the hardships of migrant families who left their ancestral village to become migrant workers in a city filled with painstaking labour.  Often these migrants are tucked away in pockets of poorest parts of the community.  They toil very long hours every day thus leaving their children unattended and exposed to all kinds of hazardous situations such as burning, drowning, car injuries, human trafficking, child labour, violence and abuse. These dangerous or unhealthy conditions often result in them being injured, made ill, or even killed as a consequence of ignorance of safety and health standards.

Having encountered all these distressing incidents during our visits, we were motivated to form a charitable group called “Care for Life Foundation” in Vancouver in September 2011.  Through fundraising efforts and working in partnership with a social services group in Kunming, we hope to be able to provide these neglected children with basic educational services and counselling in a safe environment, thus assisting them to find proper ways to learn by themselves, analyze and understand the day-to-day problems they confront.  And in order to do that a 17-seater van, after modification, is required to deliver these services.  Our financial goal for this community service van project is C$64,000.00.

To achieve this goal, we are holding a special fundraising dinner on December 1, 2011 (Thursday), at the Riverside Banquet Halls in Richmond.  We cordially invite you to attend as our honoured guest in this worthy cause.  Please see poster attached for details.

We would appreciate your response soon.

Yours truly,

Care for Life Foundation


Ticket: $68.00 ($40.00 tax-deductible receipt)

VIP$100.00($70.00 tax-deductible receipt)

Date: December 01, 2011 (Thursday)

Venue: Riverside Banquet Halls

14500 River Road, Richmond, BC V6V 1L4
Reception: 6:00 pm
Dinner: 6:30 pm

100% of net proceeds will go to “Community Service Van Project”.