Community Service Van Project

Date of Proposal: September 1, 2011

Name of Project: Community Service Van Project

Name of Organization: Care for Life Foundation

c/o3125 – 8888 Odlin Crescent

Richmond,BCV6X 3Z8


Organizing Committee:   

Esther Ho

Founder and Executive Director, The Integration Youth Services Society

Founder and Producer, Mustard Seed Theatre

Founding Director and Permanent Advisor,VancouverSowers Society of Education

Commentator, Fairchild Radio, Vancouver

Director, D.A.R.E. BC Society

Director,YunnanHeart to Heart Community Care


President & CEO, Care for Life Foundation


Wallace Chan

News Commentator, Fairchild Radio

Vice President & Communications Director, Care for Life Foundation


Frankie Fung

Former Director, Richmond Air Cadet 655 Squadron Sponsoring Committee

Vice President & Project Director, Care for Life Foundation


Tina Tsai

Director, The Integration Youth Services Society

Marketing Director, Care for Life Foundation


Dabby Wong

President,VancouverSowers Society of Education

Finance Director, Care for Life Foundation



Purpose of Proposal:           

Care for Life Foundation is inviting partners (corporate or individual) to jointly fundraise for a mini-van to deliver basic educational services for neglected migrant children inKunming,China.


Fundraising Goal: CAN$64,000.00

Fundraising Period: September 1, 2011–December 31, 2011


A.     Project Summary:

According to the information released by China Women’s Federation on20 February 2010, there have 20 million children from rural villages migrating with their parents to seek employment and shelter in urban areas.  This greatly increases the mobile population in different provinces and cities.  Numerous social problems have thus been created by the so-called “village within a city”, but have not received proper attention from neither the government nor the general public.


Kunming(昆明), as the capital city of Yunnan(雲南), has been attracting huge numbers of mobile population.  In the 4th city zone of Kunming alone, there are 337 “villages within a city”, totalling 1.2 million mobile people; the problem to provide essential services for these people has become very serious.


From 2008 onwards, City ofKunminggovernment started to demolish and revamp “villages within a city” on a large scale.  Since then,Kunminghas become a large construction site and, unfortunately, has also become a death trap for migrant children.


Parents of these children toil very long hours every day, thus leaving them unattended and susceptible to all kinds of hazardous situations such as burning while cooking, drowning while washing, injured by cars while crossing roads, human trafficking, child labour, violence and abuse.  More specifically, these dangerous or unhealthy conditions can often result in a child being killed, or injured and made ill as a consequence of ignorance of safety and health standards.  Some injuries or ill health may result in permanent disability.  Often health problems caused by injuries may not develop until the child is an adult.


Esther Ho, William Tan, Rita Wong and Dabby Wong, having visited these poor families in the summer of 2010 and 2011, the visuals and sentiments experienced on these trips motivated them to form a fundraising group called “Care for Life Foundation” in Vancouver in October 2011, hoping to be able to deliver basic educational services to these neglected children.  And in order to do that, a mobile van is urgently needed.  Care for Life is therefore inviting partners (corporate or individual) to fundraise for a 17-seater van, aiming to creating opportunities for the children to learn in practical terms by letting them assimilate their knowledge with real life situations in their adopted city.


B.     Project Cost:

Vehicle Model and Number:  Ford JX6593DZ-H (2008)

(in Canadian $)

Multi-purpose vehicle (17-seater or above)Please see quotation attached (page 9).



Vehicle modifications (labour and material)


Vehicle insurance, fuel, maintenance and parking charges (budgeted for 24 months)


Subsidy for operating costs


Total cost of vehicle







C.     Fundraising Goals and Ideas:

  1. Care for Life Foundation aims to raise CAN$64,000.00 for Yunnan Heart to Heart Community Care* (see reference on pages 6 and 7) to purchase and modify a multi-purpose vehicle (including two-year maintenance and operating costs), to provide services to theKunmingchildren.
  2. Care for Life Foundation is seeking partners to participate in this fundraising effort.
  3. Each participating partner will share equally the financial responsibility, and to co-chair a major fundraiser to bring this project to fruition.
  4. Tax receipts will be issued for donations over $20.00.


D.    Goals and Objectives:

  1. Realistic Goals – With the service van in place, it will provide the children basic educational services and counselling in a safe environment, thus assisting them to find proper ways to learn by themselves, analyze and understand the day-to-day problems they confront.
  2. Objectives – With the use of the van, volunteers can visit more sites on a rotating basis, serving disadvantaged migrants who settle remotely because of demolition of “villages within a city”, thus reducing unfortunate accidents in young families.


E.     Target Population: 

The vehicle covers 12 migrant communities inKunming, with a total population of 150,000.  The volunteers visit each community 1.5 times a week; each visit lasts for 2 – 3 hours, covering 10.6% of the total population in the community.


F.      Activities and Services: 

The mobile van will outreach and provide, on a regular basis, the following:

  1. Mobile library, games and handicrafts.  Vehicle will be packed with books, toys, basic furniture and equipment.
  2. Mobile movie screen, equipped with outdoor projector and loudspeakers.
  3. Basic medical services including first aid kits.
  4. Transit services to staff for field visits, such as job site, community, internet café and school, and also for children and family assistance and case follow-up.  Enhance communication among families, teachers and social workers.


G.    Staff: 

One full-time social worker, one full-time van driver (who also works as part-time social worker), one full-time volunteer (who also works as a part-time driver), and two outreach volunteers.


H.    Results: 

“Care for Life Mobile Service” will be an essential and effective tool in delivering educational and counselling services for the under-privileged communities.  Through teaching methods in a friendly and fun atmosphere, the children will acquire knowledge to counteract dangers in high-risk environments, enhance their survival rate, and enable them to make it through these economic hard times.


I.       Organizers/Participants: 

Care for Life Foundation (in Vancouver)

Wallace Chan, Mandy He, Esther Ho, Frankie Fung, Anita Poon, Tina Tsai, Dabby Wong and Raymond Wong are organizers of this fundraising project.  Esther has been instrumental in visiting and talking to Yunnan Heart to Heart Community Care to address its needs with the aim to fulfill its mission.

Please see attached contract to be signed with Heart to Heart Community Care (pages 10 –12).


Care for Life Foundation intends to work collaboratively with other charities or individuals inCanadain this project, so that it will successfully reach its financial target within the specified time frame (September – December 2011).


*Yunnan Heart to Heart Community Care (inChina) is a civilian-managed non-profit organization registered in Yunnan Civil Affairs Department, headed by Dr. Xian Rong (向榮博士).  It integrates various social resources in Kunming, organizes volunteer groups, through mobile outreach services (currently using bikes laden with work materials) to migrants; these include mobile book stall, film showing, games, theme activities, library books, assistance in school work, family visits and social assistance.  For further information, please visit its website at


Its other projects include:

  1. Yunjin commoner project (minority tribes).
  2. Integrated services for adults: Heart to Heart co-op, knowledge-based seminars, interest groups, handicrafts using abandoned materials, emergency help.
  3. Integrated service for children: Integration of migrant children to mainstream, schooling and social services.
  4. Outreach service: mobile library, games, toys and film showing.
  5. Platform building for volunteers: cooperate with students from colleges, research institutes.

Its Directors are:

Dr. Xiang Rong (向榮博士):

Director and Legal Representative

Master in Sociology,Oberlin College,USA

PhD in Social Work, Applied Social Science,Hong KongPolytechnicUniversity

Social Worker Supervision Certificate,Hong KongBaptistUniversity

Community Service Administration ManagementCertificate,California,USA

Award recipient of Jerome Davis,Oberlin College,USA

Vice Professor, Public Administration in Faculty of Social Work,YunnanUniversity

Director of Social Work Research Institute

Member ofSocialWorkTeamBuildingSpecialist Committee, Civil Affairs Department

Member of the 10th Plenary Session of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Committee

Esther Ho: Director,YunnanHeart to Heart Community Care

Li Jin: Director and Supervisor,YunnanHeart to Heart Community Care

Zhang Ling:  Director,YunnanHeart to Heart Community Care



Please contact us regarding this project:

 Wallace ChanVice President &Communications Director
Mandy HeEvents Team Manager
Esther HoPresident & CEO
Frankie Fung Vice President & Project Director
Anita PoonCommittee Member
Tina Tsai Marketing Director
Dabby WongFinance Director
Raymond WongSpecial Events Chair